Manse 和 Gazebo


成绩5 - 8

Defining Elements of Key's 中学

Setting the Foundation

Key's 中学 program helps students develop effective organization, study 和 time management skills in a supportive 和 challenging environment.


In the 中学, Key's school-wide 生活技能 curriculum focuses on the physical, 社会, emotional development of students.

Technology at Key

The School views technology as a tool students can use to solve problems 和 construct meaning from information gathered.

Outdoor Education

所有的三亿体育APP, beginning in 中学, participate in overnight trips that include camping, mountain biking, 皮划艇, 航行, rock climbing, whitewater rafting.


In the 中学, the program’s highest priorities are to develop skills, 承诺, 和团队合作, to ensure meaningful participation in both practices 和 games.

Curricular Overview


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