From Key's Athletic Director Brian Boyd: A Spring Like No Other!

From Key's Athletic Director Brian Boyd: A Spring Like No Other!
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3月8日, when the Key School Obezag teams stepped onto 褐体育公园 for the opening practice of the year, 这个赛季已经很成功了. It had been 361 days since the last time an Obezag team prepared for interscholastic competition, the energy 和 positivity of the first practice was palpable. This positivity 和 gratitude for the opportunity to play lasted throughout the season, making it one of the most satisfying ever. 

But, the achievements did not stop there. Key’s Obezags had incredible success with their play as well, including two MIAA冠军 wins!

校网球 这支球队有一个很好的赛季. Two years ago, which was our last complete season, the young team rode their then-sophomores to an MIAA冠军. 许多同样的玩家, 现在老年人, led the Obezags to their second consecutive MIAA title in one of the most dominant seasons in any sport that the Obezags have fielded. All seven Varsity players were named All-MIAA performers: Max Berman ‘21, 莱恩哈特的23, 科林·休斯的21, 伊丽莎白·休斯的21, 欧文刘易斯21, 诺亚·萨珀斯坦的21, 和21年的伊恩·斯利特. 的 septet finished a combined 54-1 in match play on the season. Ian Sleat结束了他的职业生涯, playing each year as Key’s number one singles player, 在联盟赛制中不败. 简单地令人难以置信的! 

For the first time since joining the MIAA, Key fielded a 合资网球 team in the league, coached by our own alum Oliver Holmes ‘16. 他们在第一季表现如何? 没什么大不了的, they just made it the whole way to the MIAA冠军 Match after completing the regular season with a 5-1 record 和 finished with a tie for first place. 的 future looks bright for Key’s tennis program.

男孩的大学长曲棍球 球队有一个历史上伟大的赛季, finishing the regular season as the #1 seed then capping the season off with a win in the MIAA冠军 game—Key’s first-ever boys’ l在e championship since joining the MIAA! 的 offensive attack was led by All-MIAA performer Hudson Smith ‘21, who finished his time at Key with over 120 career goals, 里德查普曼的23, Jaeden Clark ‘22 ( a newcomer to l在e), 欧文·伍德,21年. 的 experienced defense was anchored by All-

MIAA defender Chris Bulmer ‘21, as well as Scott O’Connor ‘22 和 Patrick Tormey ‘21. MIAA冠军赛在圣. Mary’s Stadium, Key faced off against St. 约翰的弗雷德里克天主教预科学校. 而这场胜利是真正的团队合作, the play of James Madison ‘23 和 Teddy Fleming ‘22 truly stood out. James won an astounding 16 of 21 faceoffs, giving Key a dominating advantage in possession, 而泰迪, who had been injured for much of the season, scored seven goals in an unstoppable performance. 

大学帆船队和JV帆船队 teams, led by world-ranked Charles Anderson ‘21, had a stellar season. 校队, 由查尔斯, 安德鲁·贝克的24, 斯特拉金的23, 玛丽莎Loftus的22, 詹姆斯Rizek的24, 和莫莉·罗登,22年, capped off an impressive spring season by qualifying for both the Team Race Silver Championship 和 the Fleet Race Gold Divisional Championship. 的 JV Team completed a strong season by finishing fifth at the JV Championship Race. 

校女子长曲棍球 球队有一个伟大的赛季, led by All-IAAM performer Clare Russell ‘22, 谁带领球队进球, 次助攻, 地面球, 并绘制控件. 的 Obezag defense was led by captain Emma Morahan ‘21, with Meghan Campbell ‘23 和 Anna Harris ‘23 和 first-time goalie Izzy Moran ‘24, setting up a promising future on the defensive end. Clare was complemented by second-leading scorer Lia Porterfield ‘22 和 captains Hannah Nairn ‘21 和 Addison Neise ‘21.  Beyond the on-field success, highlighted by a 10-5 win over league powerhouse St. 盖的, the positivity from this group of athletes was one of the highlights of the entire Spring season.

大学棒球 team had its best season in a decade in 2021, finishing the regular season with an impressive 11-3 record. 的 Obezags were led by All-MIAA performers Will Dowton ‘23, Colin MacNabb ‘23, Arm和 Ortiz ‘23. Arm和 和 Will formed an impressive 1-2 punch at the top of the rotation, while Colin dominated defensively behind the plate. While the leadership of seniors Thomas Nusbaum ‘21 和 Clayton Wrinn ‘21 will be missed, the youth on this team should set the ‘Zags up for continued success in the upcoming seasons.

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